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Help me not get evicted or lose my car?


I hate that I have to do this again.

It’s been another month, and I’ve had no luck finding a job. So many of the jobs that are available either aren’t interested once they find out I’m going back to school in the fall, or they’re retail and require standing for long periods of time (I have severe chronic back pain and standing/walking for long periods of time just can’t happen for me.) I am now looking at three major bills due at the end of the month. My rent (which is $600) my car lease, which I have been unable to pay for the past three months (so $210/month x 3, but rounded down to another $600) and am now facing repossession, and my car insurance (which, if I lose my car, I guess doesn’t matter much, but which is $180). I have adjusted my goal accordingly. I can survive without things like cable and a phone, but shelter and a vehicle are absolute necessities. It’s killing me that I’m still in this situation, but any help you could throw my way to keep me sheltered and with access to a vehicle would mean the world. Thank you so, so much.

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